We stay open as usual but have made changes to our daily routines for everyone's safety and security.

General surfaces clean at short intervals. The workplaces & tools are cleaned between each customer.

When you enter the salon, we would like you to use the hand sanitizer that’s standing by the door, before touching anything else.

According to the Public Health Agency's regulations & general advice on specific restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease covid-19, max 3 customers can be in the salon at the same time.

We think it's  super fun that you want to hang out with us but right now you have to come alone to your booked appointment.

We always have facemasks or visor when we work & we also have the opportunity to offer appointments where you can be alone in the salon with your hairdresser. To book this you can email or call us and we will find an appointment together.

At the slightest symptom we want you to stay at home & because we are all in the same seat & want to keep us healthy and reduce the spread we will not charge for your missed appointment as long as you announce that you need to cancel your appointment (this also applies less than 24h before your booked time but not if its not corona related or that you just missed your appointment)



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