After a few years together we can state that we are a bunch of unique individuals with both strenghts and weaknesess and many percularitues, but it is guarentees to be a family atmosphere in the salon. 



Experience: Been in the profession since 2016 but it has been my dream since i was only 4 years old. 

Favorite products: The product that is always in my own bathroom shelf and also often get used on my clients i Keunes Dry Texturizer. I have it on the roots before blowdrying them to get volyme but also on the lenghts when dry to add texture.

Expertise: I specialize in natural highlights but i also have creative haircuts close to my heart. But all my work is based around what you hair can do and wants and also what you want to do or not have to do to get a awesome color or haircut. 

Inspiration: Shapes inspire me. From natures organic shapes to a architecturally designed building. My clients and colleagues are of corse a big inpo too. 


Color technician for Keune

Experience: Been in the profession since 2015

Favorite product: Dry paste from Keune. 

A multifunctional dry wax that works well on both long and short hair to create texture and volume. 

Expertise: Color technician for Keune. I love color above all else but it is a little extra passionate about highlights and full bleaches. 

Inspiration: I am inspired by the people around me, but most of all by nature.  

After 4+ years at Sonder I am leaving, from 19th of June, on new adventures at Salong Lombard, Olof Palmes gata 18. 

Experience: Been in the profession since 2018. 

Favorite product: Keunes Salt Mist and Dry Paste for curly short hair. Alternatively Keune Curl Control Boost Spray for longer curly hair. 

Expertise: I have chosen to focus solely on cutting. I love trying to bring out as much personality as I can in my clients hair. 

Hair is fun! Whether you just want to remove you frayed ends, maintain ir get a new hairstyle. 

Inspiration: Other hairdressers and details in different hairstyles that i see. 


Info comming later...